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Knowledge is power

“Overuse injuries result when a child continually uses the same muscle groups and applies the same stresses to a specific body part, resulting in muscle imbalances and inadequate time for repair.” (Jane E. Brody of the NY Times) In her report on most common cause of youth injury. 

Using the athletic movement assessment we are able gather actionable insights about an athletes muscle imbalances and weaknesses.  With that information we create athletes personalized programs that they can use anywhere at anytime.


Basic Athletic Development (7-13y/o)

This program is our 14 week foundational program.  Designed to help athletes achieve increase stability, strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, jumping technique and body control. 

Qualifications: N

The program includes a 1/2 roller and a 14 week program on our app!

Gpp for 6p

General Physical Preparedness for people who know about the 6 P's (13-18y/o)

Proper Planning & Preparations Prevent Poor Performance. 

These programs introduce athletes to proper weight training.  Programs are designed by general sports goals (endurance vs. power dominant sports ect...) However, the intent of this program is to develop an athletes physical traits NOT sport specific skills.  Want to know why young athletes get hurt so much?  They need to develop their bodies not just work on skills! Programs are created by Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists.  All programs are science based and athlete tested. 

Qualifications: General Physical Competencies.

(Confused? Just ask. We are here to help)

The program includes access to our training app. and weekly training programs.  (Billed monthly)

Tier 2

Your committed to being an athlete... now what?

Your are no longer a number in the crowd and you are trying to do something special with your time as an athlete.  Tier 2 takes science and introduces it to technology.  We use motion capture technology to analyze your movement and force output and create a personalized training program for you.  

Qualifications: General Physical Competencies & Weight Room Experience. 

(Confused? Just ask. We are here to help)

Personalized Program

Using the athletic movement assessment data, all programs are personalized by a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists. 

Athletic Movement Assessment

How well do you move?  Thats where we start.  A 10 minute assessment of how do you move. Physimax is a completely objective analysis tool that helps identify and prevent weaknesses. 

Sports Science

On-going  sports science data is gathered and weekly reports are emailed back to athletes with insights on how to improve performance.

Three Options to Get Stronger


  • $55 package
  • 14 week training program
  • Includes 1/2 roller & app

GPP for 6P

  • $26/M subscription fee
  • Coach monitored 
  • Email support

Tier 2

  • $100 initial sports science fee follow by $55/M
  • Athletic movement assessment
  • Personalized program 
  • Weekly progress message

About US

Founded by a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with 8 years of collegiate coaching experience.  1Stronger is a leader in empowering youth to professional athletes with the highest quality coaching, sports performance and sports science services.