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Athletic Movement Assessment + Coaching


  • Personalized Strategy 
  • Athletic Movement Assessment 
  • Pro App
  • Nutrition Plus+
  • Email Support
    • + one time $150 fee for assessment.

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your strategy. Your Coach.

Exercise Programs

  • Personalized training plan
  • Workout schedule
  • Exercise selector 
  • Workout player

Activity Calendar

  • Log activities
  • Real-time training schedule
  • Exercise History
  • Printable and mobile 

Nutrition Plans

  • Calorie and macronutrient advice
  • Nutrition diary 
  • Extensive food list


  • Seasonal
  • Group or individual 
  • Compete and/or support

Body Metrics

  • Progress tracking
  • Loads of metrics
  • Heart rate data
  • Dynamic movement evaluation 
  • Body composition


  • Social media style interaction with other members 
  • Direct communication with your coach / team
  • Leaderboards for competitions 

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