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We define your athleticism

Remember the days of when people would describe an athlete as athletic?  We will help put some substance to the term 'athletic'.  Our sports science lab will break down your areas of weakness and help you understand what to do next. 

Athletic Defined

The definition of athletic is:


1. physically strong, fit, and active."big, muscular, athletic boys"synonyms:muscular, muscly, sturdy, strapping, well built, powerfully built, strong, powerful, robust, able-bodied, vigorous, hardy, lusty, hearty, hale and hearty, brawny, burly, broad-shouldered, thickset, Herculean; More

2. relating to athletes or athletics."athletic events"synonyms:sporting, sports, games, gymnastic; competitive.

We are help athletes identify areas of weakness and help them turn them into areas of strength.


Dynamic Movement Evaluation


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Body Composition


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Fitness Capacity


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A sports science lab for todays athlete.

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