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Exercise programs

  • Workout Plans
  • Workout Schedule
  • Add Exercises
  • Workout Player

Activity Calendar

  • Log activities
  • Real-time training schedule
  • Exercise history
  • Workout Player
  • Available on Mobile

Nutrition Plans

  • Calorie and macro-nutrient advice
  • Nutrition Diary
  • Extensive Food List


  • Join challenges
  • Group or Individuals
  • Compete and/or support

Body Metrics

  • Progress tracking
  • Loads of metrics
  • Movement Screening (at home)
  • Bio-mechanical analysis (in clinic)
  • Body Composition


  • Social media style interaction with other members
  • Direct communication with your coach/team
  • Leaderboards for competitions

Revolutionizing Fitness • Performance Enhancement • Rehab

Personalized Workouts

We evaluate your current performance and fitness metrics to develop your training program.

Tailor-Made Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is key in getting results. Use our digital dietician system to track your daily calorie intake and nutrients.

Set Goals & Track Progress

The days of guessing if your meeting your goals are over. Our analytics track all of your biometrics to guarantee your meeting your goals.

Membership Packages



  • Basic App
  • Goal/Sport Specific Programs
    • Football, baseball, softball, soccer, Mom2Be, barbell sports, fat loss, BJJ, movement 101 and more! 15 programs in total!
  • Basic Nutrition
  • 1S Community, Group Challenges
  • Activity Calendar
  • Awards
  • And More!



  • Basic + Pro App
  • Body Survey
  • Custom Training Plan (Updated Monthly)
  • Nutrition Plan+
  • Weekly Email Support
  • And More!



  • Pro + Bio-Mechanical Analysis
  • Custom Training & Nutrition Program (Updated Weekly)
  • Daily Email Support
  • And More!

Rehab Buddha


  • A Doctor of Physical Therapy creates an individualized extended therapy plan for you. (weekly email support)

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